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  • 描写冬天的英语的作文
    发布时间:2020-10-10 11:01




    The weather in winter is a set of all the phenomena in a given atmosphere at a given time. It also includes interactions with the hydrosphere.

    The term usually refers to the activity of these phenomena over short periods (hours or days), as opposed to the term climate, which refers to the average atmospheric conditions over longer periods of time.

    When used without qualification, weather" is understood to be the weather of Earth.

    Winter is cold. Let’s play the snowball and make snowman. The snowman is big . I like to play snowball. I am on the snow. The snow is cold. I have a scarf and coat. So I am not cold. I like the Christmas. Because I can see santa clus in Christmas . Christmas tree is beautiful. The presents are on the Christmas tree. I like winter. Do you like winter?


    It is cold and dry outside.The wind often blows strongly.The days are shorter and the nights are longer.Many animals go to sleep.

    They will sleep for a long time till the spring comes.People don’t like to go outside.They have to wear heavy coats,scarves and gloves.

    But children like to be outside.Because it often snows.There is snow around.There is ice on the ground.Children can throw snowballs,make the snowmen.

    Oh,look.What a surprise!Do you see?The river is frozen!Here come the boys,there come the girls,they are skating in the river happily.

    Oh!Winter comes.It is really an interesting season.It has so much fun!


    If winter comes, the leaves on the trees drop light, the north wind whistling, The earth a depression spectacle. The river caked with thick ice. People around scarf wearing gloves, wearing sections of the cotton-padded jacket, but still difficult to resist invasion of cold cold red face.

    Winter is a DiShuiChengBing, HaQi into frost season. Winter ferment a silvery dream. Winter girl gift - snowflakes, give children brought joy. Lo, children overcoated some in the skiing, some in snowball fights, some is in a snowman, and still working on the snow, silver-coated world forever stay.


    Winter came and the sweat came down and the snow was falling. The north wind is howling. The cold wind is biting!

    Not far away, you can see a few pines stand proudly in the snow with. Bamboo is so green, with wax plum with snow fight, the spirit of their worth learning, is really worthy of pine, bamboo and plum blossom!

    The fierce Python hibernate. The industrious ants in early autumn reserves good food, is now the hole to sleep! Lovely little hedgehog is also in the warm hibernation.

    The children were dressed in thick clothes! They are skiing on the slopes! And the children under the hill are playing rope skipping, skating, making a snowman. What fun they had!

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