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    My Favourate Season

    How glad I am that summer has come!

    I like summer best because I can have a very happy time then. Every summer I stay at my uncle's house in the country for some time and enjoy the life there. I can also catch worms that are not found in cities. In addition, we can see many kinds of birds. I think the country is certainly a better place than the city for vacation.

    Summer is my favourite season.


    There are four seasons in a year.The first season is spring. In spring, almost everything comes back to life. The snow begins to melt, the trees sprout and the grass turns green.Spring is warm so that it's a good time to go hiking outdoors. After spring, itis summer. Summer is my favorite season,because I can swim quite often. The third one is autumn. In autumn, the weather is cool and comfortable. Farmers may be the busiest people, because autumn is a time of harvest.Winter is the last season of the year. In winter, the weather is very cold. In the north, it usually snows. Children can play games or make snowmen after snow. It seems very funny. But, because of the cold weather, I don't like winter very much. What's your favorite season?


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