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    human is the creature which is the closest to god. it means we have more duties and rights for this world. biological diversity have been damaged by the developing of modern society, which have threatened to the life of animals as well as the life of human. the etinction of animal is an alarm to human beings.

    with the process of human civilization, our life become more and more comfortable and convenience, it may be a good news to man but a bad news to animals. ehaust gases are emitted to the atmosphere, which react with each other and combine with water vapor ,and finally lead to form acid rain. acid rain fall into lake and kill the frogs and the fishes. time will tell you, although the recent acid rain may not directly harm to us, we would not escape from the doom if we ignore the alarm from animals. we are a part of the food chain. most of the human’s diets come from animals, which means the dangers that are threatened not only the animals but also the human. several serious diseases from animals have brought us into the hell in the beginning of the new century. for eample sars, the horrible disease has killed thousands of people which was attributed to eating the ill wild animals.

    as the end of the food chain, we should spend money on preventing wild animals which is a confession from the evil consequence. i believe no one would neglect the alarm from animals if he recognized it, no one would be of parsimony with the money if it is used in preventing himself. development of society and preventing animals are our right and duty which also need us to balance.

    the 志愿者英语作文 幸福是什么作文 沈从文作品

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