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    Going shopping in the Hypermarket


    1.Today is the Moon Festival, so my mother broght my sister and me to a hypermarket.

    2. The hypermarket was in the building next to the MRT station.

    3. We bought a lot of things, like pork, beef, vegetables and some fish.

    Today is the Moon Festival, so my mother broght me and my sister to a hypermarket to buy something for the barbecue. It took us almost half a hour by MRT. When we got off the MRT, I just stretched a little bit and yawned. Because it really took some time.

    The hypermarket was in a building next to the MRT station. It was much bigger than the supermarket near my house, where it only takers us 5 minutes to go. It was about 7 O’clock, so I could see many kinds of people there, like workers, housewives, students, and even some police officers. Some were looking for clothes, others were looking for furniture, and still some others were trying these samples. I jumped, touched, and looked around, because everyhing was so fresh and interesting. It took about three hours to for us to walk around there.

    We bought a lot of things, like pork, beef, vegetables and some fish. I helped my mother carry some heavy things. I was so tired after I got home, but it was really fun to go to the hypermarket. I hope I can go with my classmates next time, and buy something I want.






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